If you have never stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Missouri, you may be surprised by what we share with you in today’s blog. We know that a lot of people have some misconceptions about bed-and-breakfast inns and are pleasantly surprised when they find out more about them. So test your knowledge with our set of 3 true or false questions below.

#1: Bed and breakfast inns are always vintage and more primitive.

False. Of course there are bed and breakfast inns that feature vintage decor and historic atmospheres. But normally they are the perfect blend of modern and classic. So just because it’s a B&B does not mean it will be old-fashioned or out of date. Actually, it will likely include modern day amenities in a unique and memorable setting.

#2: Bed-and-breakfast inns are always secluded.

This one is false as well. There are bed and breakfast inns across Missouri that can be found in the center of the hustle and bustle in a large city, or in the peaceful countryside surrounded by scenic nature. Choose your bed and breakfast based on the activities you’d like to enjoy from winetasting to sightseeing to historic tours, and more! You can decide from a diverse array of exclusive inns on our website.

#3: Bed and breakfasts inns are perfectly suited for families as well as couples of all ages.

This one is absolutely true! Many people only think of B&Bs as something for couples. But bed & breakfast inns in Missouri are very diverse. Some even have the option of letting you bring your fur babies as well! Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet alone, some special time as a couple, or you were wanting to make memories with the whole family in a home-like and unique setting, bed & breakfast inns in Missouri are perfect for anyone and everyone!

Stay Exclusive with Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri! 

If you are planning a trip to Missouri or are just looking for a unique destination location we hope you found this blog helpful. When you are ready to stay exclusive and enjoy your choice of everything from countryside to historic district, a bed-and-breakfast inn could be the perfect place for you while exploring Missouri and making incredible memories. Discover the ideal one-of-a-kind property at BBIM.org on the Find An Inn page. Choose an exclusive location with one of our innkeepers and book directly on our member’s website.