Bed and breakfasts are an incredible way to travel in comfort and truly savor your vacation. With fresh, delicious breakfasts and a homestyle feel to every location, the inns with Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri are ready to serve you! If you’re thinking about booking a B&B for your next trip to Missouri, but you aren’t really sure what to expect, today’s blog is for you! We’re clearing up some common questions about what to expect during your stay and what the proper etiquette is when staying in a Missouri bed and breakfast. Keep reading to learn more!




Checking in at a bed and breakfast is different from checking in at a hotel. Hotels are massive chains and have a large staff that can be ready at a check-in counter all hours of the night. Part of the reason you stay at a bed and breakfast is the personal, welcoming atmosphere that comes with a cozier environment and a smaller staff. For that reason, your check-in time at a bed and breakfast should be more specific. Your innkeeper may ask what time to expect you when you reserve your room with them. Proper etiquette is to be on time for this scheduled check-in, and call ahead if you will be delayed for some reason.




Depending on what inn you’re staying with, you may need to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. In order to keep their bed and breakfast secure for all guests, they may keep the front door locked and only give guests a key. There may also be a coded alarm that you’ll be given a code for when you make your reservation. Other inns may have an entryway that is more public and encourages you to walk right in. Most innkeepers will spell out what you should expect on arrival when you make your reservation. And you can always feel free to contact your hosts if you have any questions!


Off-Limit Spaces


One of the biggest question marks for people who haven’t stayed in a bed and breakfast before is which spaces are public and which are off-limits? Nearly every inn will have a public area for you to enjoy like a living room, a deck or patio, or something similar. Because the innkeepers live on-site, there will also be spaces that are off-limits including their personal living quarters and sometimes the kitchen. During check-in, your innkeeper will typically give you a tour and let you know which areas you’re free to enjoy and explore. There are also usually signs on doors indicating if that space is private and should not be accessed by guests.

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Another one of the greatest perks of staying in a bed and breakfast is the delicious breakfasts served every morning. Every B&B is a little bit different in how they serve breakfast. Some may have the best, fresh continental items ready for you during a certain span of time, while others will prepare a multi-course meal that is served at a particular time of the morning. Some bed and breakfasts will have a few tables placed around their dining area for couples to enjoy their breakfast alone, while others will serve breakfast family-style around one large dining table. The details for each inn’s breakfast style can be found on the location’s website. Whatever the meal style, it’s important that you arrive within the time window the innkeeper gives you so that you truly can enjoy a fresh, delicious breakfast as it’s intended to be eaten. (There’s a reason hotel breakfasts don’t taste the best after sitting out for hours.)

Note: If you have any dietary restrictions, it is proper etiquette to let your innkeeper know ahead of your stay so they can have something prepared for you.


Best Lodging in Missouri


If you are ever wondering what to expect with a bed and breakfast stay, you can always feel free to contact the innkeeper of the location you’re considering and ask! With Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri, you can rest easy knowing that all our member inns are high-quality and welcoming. Each innkeeper is knowledgeable of the area where you’re staying and wants to help you make the most of your vacation in Missouri. Check out our website with all our member inns and find your perfect stay!


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