So, you are planning your next trip to Missouri? That’s great! Missouri is a wonderful and beautiful state filled with tons of fun activities for both you and your family! But where will you be staying?

You have quite a few choices, but most tend to fall between a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast, but what’s the difference? And which should you choose? These are questions that we aim to answer in this blog! We will provide you with some of the reasons why B&Bs are ultimately superior to their hotel counterparts!

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As implied, B&Bs tend to have some seriously delicious breakfast choices! Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning to freshly baked eggs and bacon, orange juice, and yummy homemade jams and jellies!  This is an experience that you will find throughout the local B&Bs in Missouri, and we can’t deny the experience is unmatched!

At a hotel, you can sometimes expect breakfast, but even then, the breakfast served tends to be grab and go, or quite frankly, just isn’t up to breakfast standards. On top of this, some hotels won’t even serve breakfast, so when you book you will need to be careful about whether you will have a meal waiting for you in the morning.



It’s no surprise that most B&Bs are much more cost-efficient than hotels, plus with the breakfast included, you won’t have to worry about any additional upcharges. Hotels tend to be pricy and come at the cost of losing out on some truly authentic local experiences, which can be a true travesty to miss out on!

Some B&Bs even offer kitchens for you to use to prepare your lunch and dinner, meaning you can save on having to go out and find your three meals to eat throughout the day, and if you are planning on staying longer than just a day, those numbers add up quickly!


Unmatched Local Experience

It is true that B&Bs are mostly known for their delicious breakfast, but that is not the only wonder that they have to offer. B&Bs create truly one of the most locally authentic experiences you can get when you visit the state. Could you go and stay at a hotel? Sure, but you would be denying yourself a whole new perspective on the area you are staying in.

Especially when staying in a historic town, if you deny yourself the opportunity to go through and live like a true local, you are denying yourself the fullest trip you could have.

Hotels are a dime a dozen, each one typically the same, with some minor differences here and there that come at the cost of breaking the bank. At a B&B, you can find some of the most pleasant experiences to be had and make some of the fondest memories within the town and with your loved ones by your side.

If you are ready to plan your trip to Missouri and want to do so in the most authentically local way, be sure to check out our website and explore the B&Bs that have availability and be prepared for the trip of a lifetime!