Is your pet like another member of your family? If so, then you probably hate leaving them at home or boarding them in a kennel when you travel. Well, you don’t have to! It IS possible to travel with your “fur baby” and BBIM is here to help with all the tips you need. With the best bed and breakfasts in Missouri, BBIM has the knowledge you need to make the trip with your pet a great one. Keep reading to learn all about it!



Getting Them Ready

If you’ve never taken your pet on a long trip before, you don’t want to try it for the first time when you’re setting out on vacation. If the travel doesn’t agree with them, you could be in for a long, frustrating ride. It could even cause you to have to postpone or cancel your trip. The best way to prepare your pet for a long trip is to get them used to the vehicle you’ll be traveling in. Make sure they know how to get in and out of the vehicle, and take several short trips so they know what to expect when the vehicle is actually moving. Getting them used to driving around when there’s no pressure will help them be calmer when it’s time for your trip.


Safety First

As people, we have to wear seatbelts when driving around to make sure we’re safe in case of a car accident… But what about your pets? There are several ways to keep your pets safe while driving. Some people choose to use crates, while other opt for pet seatbelts. If you choose a crate, make sure to choose one that is well-ventilated and that your pet is comfortable with it ahead of time. If they’ve never been in a crate before, it could be a really frightening experience. If you choose a pet seatbelt, make sure you pair it with a supportive harness that is rated for the weight of your pet and that it’s secured properly.



Your Pet’s Suitcase

When traveling with a pet, you’ll need to pack them a backpack or suitcase of their own. Here’s an example of what you might bring for a dog on your vacation… Pack the obvious items they need every day like their food supply, plenty of water, food & water bowls, treats, any medication they take, toys, and leashes. There are a few other items your pet might want/need while on the trip, including a first-aid kit, documents proving their vaccinations, their microchip numbers / tracking information if applicable, doggy bags for waste, towels, doggy-safe wipes, and a veterinarian-approved anti motion sickness medication if necessary.


Lodging for Your Pet

There are a lot of pet-friendly places to stay in the state of Missouri. When you’re traveling with a pet, make sure you plan your route according to where your pet will be able to stay with you. You wouldn’t want to pull up to a reservation only to realize they won’t let your pet in! You’ll also want to know the full pet policy at the places you’ll be staying. Do they allow pets, but they can’t be left alone? Are there weight/size restrictions? Do they need to be on leash at all times (very likely)? What are the additional fees? Etc. During your stay, it’s important to make sure your pet is courteous to other guests. Make sure they have good manners with other people, they don’t have a bad barking habit, and they are fully potty trained.


BBIM’s Pet-Friendly Inns

Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri provides the best lodging in Missouri with our many exclusive bed and breakfasts. Our inns have several incredible amenities and features that you’ll love! Every one is independently inspected and approved to ensure the highest quality accommodations. If you’re looking to take a vacation in Missouri with your pet, then these BBIM locations are for you!


Garth Woodside Mansion B&B

11069 New London Road
Hannibal, Missouri



Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa

711 Wein Street
Hermann, Missouri





Lake View Hideaway Retreat

438 Ponto Rd.
Edwards, Missouri





Loganberry Inn Bed & Breakfast

310 West 7th Street
Fulton, Missouri





Swan Song Inn

583 Spring Valley Loop
Marshfield, Missouri





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