Missouri is the perfect place to vacation this winter! There are so many fun activities and places to visit, you may even have a hard time choosing just one. Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri has inns all across the state, so we have the perfect places for you to stay while you explore beautiful Missouri. Keep reading to learn about a few great, and surprising, things you can enjoy while you’re here!

Ice Skating & Sledding

Ice skating is the quintessential holiday activity. Skating across the ice with your friends and loved ones almost feels magical! Enjoy this great activity in several different areas throughout the state – like Forest Park in Saint Louis and Stephen’s Lake Park in Columbia. Forest Park features the Steinberg Ice Skating Rink, which has been open since 1957. As the largest outdoor skating rink in Missouri, this is the perfect place to take your sweetheart for a romantic night under that stars this holiday season… maybe even a proposal is in the cards! Open November through February, be sure to visit for a great time, a toasty fire, and delicious food from the café. Stephen’s Lake Park in Columbia is a fun local park with a small lake that allows ice skating if the temperatures are in the right range and the city has determined it’s safe. This park is also an incredible place to enjoy sledding. Locals come from all over to have a great time sledding here!

Snowboarding & Skiing

You may not think of snowboarding and skiing as common Missouri activities, but they can actually be enjoyed in a few different areas within the state. For example, Snow Creek in Weston is open December through March and has great opportunities for winter activities. Enjoy the snow by skiing, tubing, snowboarding, and even hiking. Sign up for lessons, purchase season passes, and rent all the equipment you need onsite. Another great place to visit for snow activities is Hidden Valley in Wildwood. Hidden Valley has the special option of skiing at night for even more fun! Both locations have areas designated for experts in snow boarding and skiing to show off their skills. They also both feature a cafeteria, bar and lounge, and first aid.

Lake of the Ozarks Eagle Days

Eagle Days is held in several locations in Missouri as the eagles migrate to the area. Thousands of eagles come through the state in the winter and can be observed and enjoyed alongside several fun activities in various locations. In fact, Missouri has the second largest number of wintering eagles in the lower 48 states! One of the great places to view the eagles is the Lake of the Ozarks during Eagle Days presented by Ameren Missouri. This event has been around for many years, with the first one being in 1999. World Bird Sanctuary naturalists bring live eagles and are available to answer questions at Osage National Golf Resort, with programs beginning on the hour while the event is ongoing. View wild eagles from Willmore Lodge and Bagnell Dam for an incredible experience! There will also be several other activities to enjoy at the Osage River Access and School of the Osage Heritage Elementary.

Try Your Hand at Curling!

If you’ve watched the winter Olympics, you have probably seen the fascinating sport of curling. Curling is like shuffleboard, but on ice! Pretend you’re an Olympic athlete and try your hand at this fun sport in Kansas City! Join the Kansas City Curling Club, just bring warm clothes and rubber-soled shoes to try it for yourself. They offer private lessons and give you time on the ice for single-game play. Whether you are experienced or brand new to the sport, this is a great activity to try this season!

Visit Missouri

Missouri is a beautiful place to visit year-round. Winters in Missouri are absolutely beautiful. Warm days pop up throughout the season giving you the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful frosty scenes. It’s a great place to enjoy snow sports and kick back to relax during the holiday season. Check out our website to find the perfect bed and breakfast to complete your comfortable, cozy getaway. Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri has the best places to stay, as all of our locations are professionally inspected and approved to ensure you have the best vacation possible.

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