When you plan your next bed and breakfast stay, you should be aware of a few different needs that your host needs to know prior to your arrival! That being said, that doesn’t mean you need to spill all of your plans by any means, but some important ones that will be vital to ensuring that your stay at the inn of your choice will be a positive and memorable one!

Keep reading below to find out our top picks for what your B&B Host wants to know before your stay!


  1. Dietary Restrictions/Preferences

If you have a food allergy, you are probably used to letting people know ahead of time as to accommodate your dietary needs! However, if you have recently switched the types of foods you eat or if you have recently been told you have Celiac’s Disease or are lactose intolerant, that is something you definitely want to mention prior to your stay, that way your host can fully accommodate your needs/preferences!

This can be done with a simple email or a call just to inform your host that you, and possible other members of your party have these restrictions and ways your host can better accommodate if you have specific preferences!


  1. Room Preferences

Along with food allergies, you may be in need of a more accessible room! This is no issue at all for most Inns, but it is something that you should absolutely mention! If you use a wheelchair and need a room that is on the bottom floor, or if you have a disability that requires another type of accommodation, all you need to do is let your host know and they will gladly take care of the rest! When you call in advance, you will find that your host will be more than happy to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible, and they will go out of their way to make sure that you have everything you need to have a lovely stay.


  1. Children or Pets

This one may not seem as obvious as the other mentions on our list, but it is important to disclose if you are bringing children or pets on your stay, as some bed and breakfast locations do not allow kids or your four-legged friends!

Typically, when you call ahead and speak to the host, they will disclose this information upfront, but if you are unsure, it never hurts to ask! All you need to do is mention that you are planning on bringing kiddos or a fluffy pal along for the trip and they will let you know upfront if their inn welcomes your entire party.

Plus, if you are planning on your stay being a surprise trip or have a special celebration for your young ones, you can mention this to your host and get confirmation on if they can accommodate this event!

Planning your next B&B trip is a breeze when you use these tips to make sure that your host will be able to accommodate all of the needs you have before you arrive! Just be sure to run any big details by your host before you arrive, as they will try and go above and beyond to ensure your stay is as comfortable, fun, and safe as possible!

To make a reservation at one of our beautiful Missouri inns, please check out our main website at www.bbim.org!