Visiting a B&B should be a relaxing, fun, and enlightening experience of the local community that you are visiting! Although, there can be some questions that get raised in terms of proper etiquette, it really is quite simple!

In this blog we are going to go over our simple guide on B&B etiquette, that way you can plan for your next trip to Missouri!


Should You Eat Breakfast Alone or With Others?

A B&B breakfast is one of the main highlights of your stay! Given the inclusion of the delicious meal in your stay, it may feel like you need to sit in with the others who are residing at the same inn as you, but at some inns that is not the case.

Keep in mind that dining varies from place to place, and some inns may require or prefer that you dine in the kitchen, outdoor patio, or appointed dining room; however, some inns have the option of in-room dining which is perfect for any introvert, or someone craving some down time to themselves.


Should You Tell Your Host Everything Before Your Stay?

Well, maybe not everything, but it is important to inform your host of a few key aspects that are directly related to your trip and stay!

Some of the topics that are important to bring up are:

-Room Preferences

-# of Guests

-Dietary Restrictions

-Accessible Needs

-Celebratory Needs/Requests


-Pets Traveling (If allowed)

These are some of the more important tidbits of information that your host should be aware of before your stay, but, contact your inn with any questions, concerns, or other pieces of information that you feel are relevant to your stay!


Pet Policies

Bringing your furry friend may sound like a wonderful idea on your next trip to a Missouri Bed and Breakfast, but it should be noted that you need to do your research before packing up your pooch’s bags!

While every inn is different, most will have their pet policies listed on their website, which is a great way for you to determine whether you can bring along your pet! If you do not see a pet policy on your inn’s website, be sure to contact the property before unknowingly driving along to an inn that won’t be able to accommodate you and your pup!

Staying at a B&B doesn’t have to be a scary experience! We are certain that your host is just thrilled to make your acquaintance and do what they can to ensure your trip is an unforgettable one! By following our guide on the proper etiquette of B&Bs, you are setting yourself up for a relaxing, simplistic trip full of loads of fun! Visit our website to explore some of the inns that span across Missouri and find your perfect place to stay!