Weddings are a beautiful time, but they can also be stressful. There is a lot of planning, money, and hard work that goes into a wedding. So, it can be a good idea to look past that “Best Day Ever” and think about how you’ll relax an unwind afterward. Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri has the perfect suggestion for you – A mini-moon!

In the past, it has been tradition for couples to go on an extended honeymoon, usually somewhere exotic. However, planning a huge trip on top of a big wedding could pile on even more stress right before your big day. As experts on comfort and romance, BBIM suggests planning a mini-moon instead. Mini-moons have been growing in popularity for many years and could be the perfect post-wedding getaway for you and your sweetheart. Keep reading to learn more and find out why it could be perfect for you!

What is a Mini-Moon?

Like the traditional honeymoon, a mini-moon is a getaway for newlyweds right after their wedding. But, unlike a honeymoon, mini-moons are much more manageable, simple, and low-key. For example, you can skip the stress of booking and planning an international flight and instead stay in a beautiful bed & breakfast in Missouri and enjoy local sights you don’t usually get to see. Mini-moons are also typically shorter than a honeymoon. Instead of needing to take time off for a full week, you typically only need 3-4 days to enjoy this great getaway with your sweetheart.

Should I Plan a Mini-Moon?

There are several reasons why you might want to plan a mini-moon instead of a full-blown honeymoon. Even if you plan on having an extended honeymoon later in the year when it is more convenient and affordable, planning a small vacation right after the wedding can be really important to help you decompress and enjoy one another’s company before jumping back into work. There are a lot of other great reasons too!

Big Wedding Budget

If you plan on investing a significant amount of money into your wedding, then a mini-moon could be the perfect plan for after your nuptials. That way, a big honeymoon budget doesn’t have to take away from something important to you in the wedding, like having fresh flowers or the photographer you’ve always wanted to hire.

Buying a Home

If you are buying a home and moving in together for the first time after your wedding, then an extended honeymoon could be more stressful than relaxing. While it’s hard to imagine being stressed at the beach, it could be difficult for the two of you to plan and pay for a big wedding, immediately leave for a faraway place for a week, and then come back to a completely new environment with boxes still to unpack and new routines to get used to. A wedding, honeymoon, and new living situation could be a lot to handle all at once. Instead, plan a romantic and simple getaway with your new spouse for a few days to relax and let go of wedding stress before starting your new life together. Rather than being a big production, a mini-moon can be a truly relaxing time for both of you.

Mini-Moon in Missouri

Planning a mini-moon can be easy with help from Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri. Our members have all been certified and professionally inspected to make sure they are up to our very high standards. You don’t have to agonize over research about whether or not a place is going to be clean and highly-rated. We take care of all that background research for you! Simply go to our website and search for the criteria you most want from your mini-moon in Missouri. We can help find a romantic location with caring innkeepers that can make your stay even more special with a couple’s romance package. Reach out and find the perfect Missouri bed and breakfast for your mini-moon.