Fall is one of the best seasons to plan the perfect proposal! Optimal weather, gorgeous scenery, and of course tons of places to travel to take part in new experiences and create wonderful memories. When trying to plan a proposal, you need to be sure that you aren’t overwhelming yourself. Try to plan as effectively and stress-free as possible by using some of our amazing tips!

Keep reading to find out how you can plan the perfect fall proposal this year when you utilize some of our best practices!


  1. Plan Ahead!

No one likes to be pressed for time, especially when it comes to something as important as your proposal plan! Making reservations, booking in advance- these are all ways to help you keep your fall proposal coordinated and (in theory) as stress-free as possible!

If you are planning on proposing at a fancy restaurant, be sure you call and book for the exact date well beforehand, that way you won’t have to worry about annoying wait times!

Or let’s say you are planning a romantic B&B getaway, make sure you are booking your reservation well in advance, as B&B’s can book out months in advance! If you need assistance with finding the perfect Missouri B&B, you can always look on our website and specify exactly what you are looking for and find the perfect inn for your proposal!


  1. Dress Accordingly

Fall weather is typically the best kind of weather, not too cold, not too hot, but just in-between. The crisp autumn air is wonderful, but, as with any season, you may find yourself having extreme lows or highs, so it is best to check your weather about a week prior to your proposal! If your partner isn’t aware of your trip or outing, be sure to lay them out or pack clothes that are also going to be comfortable for them!


  1. Propose Early

You may want to go the whole time on your trip without uttering a word until the very last moment but take our advice- propose early. You will find that your trip will consist of you being a ball of nerves, anxious of what’s to come in the following days. By starting off your trip with the proposal, you can spend the whole week/s adventuring with the new titles of fiancé, without being stressed out your entire trip.

Plus, restaurants and even places you stay may accommodate to your new status if you give prior notice! Free dessert, anyone?

Planning your fall proposal doesn’t have to be some stressful event! Take our advice: breathe, relax, and just have fun with it! Your partner is going to be thrilled that you put in the time and effort for them, regardless of if it is absolutely perfect and goes exactly the way you planned. Ultimately, you will see the same outcome- a happy future for you and your partner.

To plan your proposal trip, start by exploring the inns that we have on our website! Book your reservations as early as you like and discover how beautiful Missouri will be for your proposal.