Missouri is just about in the middle of the United States. There are a lot of incredible activities to enjoy, highly variable weather, and tons of gorgeous landscape to explore. It’s the perfect place to vacation, and Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri has all the info you need to be prepared for your trip with a Missouri-specific packing list! Keep reading to learn all about it and to get your own checklist started.



The List for Every Trip

There are some things you just never want to forget when you’re traveling. Today we’ve put together a basic list to help you get started and be prepared for your next vacation!

  • Outfit for every day of the trip
  • Something nice for a night out
  • Undergarments – underwear, bras, socks
  • Jacket or coat
  • Tennis shoes
  • Weather-specific shoes (boots or flip flops)
  • Swimming suit
  • Toiletries – teeth, hair, makeup, shower, cleansers
  • Medications / vitamins
  • Phone charger
  • Camera and it’s attachments and charger
  • Real ID or Passport if you’re flying
  • Something to do in the car or on the plane
  • Something comfortable for the trip home
  • A great attitude ready for a fun vacation!


Pack for Fun!

Missouri has a lot of incredible things to do. From Top Golf and axe throwing, to backwoods camping and serene hiking, there’s something for everyone! When planning your trip, think about the activities you plan on enjoying and make sure to bring clothing and accessories that you’ll need.

For example, if you’re visiting a lake or river and plan on renting kayaks, make sure to bring water tight bags, sunglasses and a hat you don’t mind losing, a waterproof case and lanyard for your phone, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle. Some activities may require specific shoes, like closed-toed for axe throwing or comfortable hiking shoes for exploring the state parks. If the weather is remotely warm, be sure to pack a swimming suit! There are lots of rivers, lakes, and great places to take a refreshing dip in the water. Take a look at your plans and make sure you’re packing things that will keep you comfortable and happy for the whole trip!



Weather Preparation

One of the things Missouri is known for is having quite extreme temperatures on opposite ends of the spectrum back-to-back. You can quite literally need a sweatshirt, thick socks, and a raincoat one day and a tank top, shorts, and flip flops the next. This is particularly true during the spring and fall seasons when the temperatures are shifting from cold to hot or vice-versa. But, with just a little bit of planning, you won’t have to get caught in the weather!

Before you leave for your Missouri vacation, be sure to check the weather in the specific area where you’ll be traveling. If you’re going to be in Missouri in spring or fall, it’s a good idea to bring layers you can take off or put on if the temperature shifts day-to-day during your trip. If you’re visiting in the summer, make sure to bring light and breathable clothing that will keep you as cool as possible in the notorious Missouri humidity. In the winter, temperatures often reach well below freezing with windchills below zero. Make sure to have a coat that is rated for low temperatures and something to cover your head and/or ears to protect from wind gusts.


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When you visit Missouri, you’re sure to have a great time! Surrounded by incredible beauty and fun things to do, how could you not love it? During your vacation to our lovely state, choose the best lodging in Missouri and go with Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri. Our member inns are all professionally inspected and approved before they are allowed to become BBIM members. So, you can trust that every location is professional, clean, and ready to welcome you “home”!


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