Onondaga Cave State Park is a Missouri state park on the Meramec River. The park includes opportunities for hiking fishing, swimming, and touring not one but two natural caves!

Charles Christopher discovered Onondaga Cave in 1886 while inspecting the outlet of Onondaga Spring. He realized that a cavern must lay just beyond its flow.

Eager to explore his find, Christopher collected two friends and a boat. Working their way through the narrow opening, they discovered a hidden world of wonder. Weird shapes loomed up out of the darkness. Towering stalagmites, fang-like stalactites, convoluted flowstone, and many other subterranean formations.

Onondaga Cave is one of Missouri’s most spectacular caves, with 1.5 miles of formation-filled passages and caverns. Some of the more amazing attractions are the Twins, the King’s Canopy, Rock of Ages, the Big Room, and the Lily Pad Room.

Onondaga Cave Tours

Onondaga Cave almost became an onyx mine. Luckily for us, tourism proved the better option. Access to the caverns was improved over the years  and electricity was added for illumination.

Tours of Onondaga Cave are just under a mile in length and take about an hour and 15 minutes. Visitors follow along on a paved walkway with a railing and lights to help illuminate your way. The cave stays a constant is 57ºF (13ºC) all year ’round, so dress accordingly.

More Than One Cave?

Cavers will be amazed to learn that Onondaga Cave isn’t the only cave in the park. Stunning and famous Cathedral Cave is located in the park, too!

Big holes in the ground aren’t the only reason to visit Onondaga Cave State Park. But you’ll have to come back up to the surface to see the rest.

Onondaga Cave State Park

9136, 7556 Hwy H, Leasburg, MO 65535

Onondaga Cave State Park includes access to the Meramec River for canoeingswimming, and fishing. Visit the top of Vilander Bluff Natural Area for stunning, panoramic views of the Meramec River Valley. Picnic areascamping, and more than six miles of hiking trails round out the park’s offerings.

Visit mostateparks.com to learn more about Onondaga Cave State Park.

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