US Route 36


U.S. Route 36 in Missouri runs from the Pony Express Bridge over the Missouri River in St. Joseph to the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge over the Mississippi River in Hannibal and parallels the route of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad. It connects Illinois to the outskirts of Kansas City. The area shaped the childhoods of a remarkable number of notable Americans: Mark Twain, whose boyhood home in Hannibal along the Mississippi River figured in many of his novels; Walt Disney who was born in Marceline, where there is a small museum; and retailer J.C. Penney who was born in Hamilton. Hamilton is now home to The Missouri Star Quilt Company which has grown to offer the largest selection of precut quilting fabrics in the world, has 12 quilt shops right on main street—each featuring a different fabric theme and is the biggest quilting channel on YouTube boasting half a million subscribers.


Belvedere Inn

Hannibal, Missouri

Where Missouri meets Illinios - 

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