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The Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri Aspiring Innkeepers Information Guide

NOW AVAILABLE! Your 1-stop Information Package for the person who wants to open a B&B in Missouri

Contents of the Aspiring Innkeepers Package

  • BBIM Aspiring Innkeeper Information Outline (9 pages covering the basic information you need to know).
  • Contacts at State and Federal agencies and other important organizations (4 pages giving addresses, phones and websites).
  • Federal Tax Topics: Handout and IRS Market Segment Audit Guide (essential for your B&B tax planning purposes - so your tax advisor knows where to look).
  • State Tax Topic: Missouri sales tax information!
  • Health Topics: Copy of state Health Department rule on lodging facilities.
  • Fictitious Name: Data from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office (so you can comply).
  • Historic Preservation: Contacts at the Department of Natural Resources so you can learn what assistance is available in restoring your historic home
  • BBIM Review checklists for facility planning.
  • Information on the BBIM Mentor Program (open only to those who take advantage of our combined Aspiring Package-Associate Member offer).

What you REALLY need to know at an affordable price!

"If I build it they will come"

Many folks open a B&B with that dream and are sorely disappointed. To succeed, you need to plan to meet the needs of the market - the best time is before you are financially committed. BBIM's Aspiring Innkeeper Information Package helps you with the business & regulatory ramifications, and it will give you the contact information to find your way around the agencies that can help or hinder you.

The cost?

For only $50, you receive a link to these valuable documents plus a one year BBIM Associate membership (a $50 value in itself) which includes a subscription to the BBIM List email forum where you have the opportunity to interact with our seasoned member innkeepers.

How To Order

To receive a link to these valuable documents plus a one year BBIM Associate membership, send an email to join@bbim.org

You will receive an invoice via email with a secure online payment link. Once we process your payment, you will receive an email with a link to the Information Package and other information about your BBIM Associate membership!

Essential resources for anyone planning to open a successful B&B in Missouri!

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