Are you an avid hiker? Do you like getting outside and exploring on short hikes here and there? Whatever your style, Missouri has the perfect location for you to visit! Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri loves our state and we love sharing it with you. Keep reading to learn about some of the great hiking highlights of Missouri!

Current River & Stegall Mountain

This could be considered one of the most scenic trails in Missouri. It begins at the famous Current River (a great spot for floating) and follows the river with beautiful views for some time. Along this trail, you’ll experience shut-ins (cliffs towering on either side of you) that make your hike even more enjoyable and photo-worthy. Once you reach the top of Stegall Mountain, you’re really in for a treat. Take time to soak in the beauty and look out over the landscape below.

Taum Sauk

Looking for a challenge? This section of trail displays rocky terrain that takes time and effort to conquer. But as you do, you’re also rewarded with incredible views of natural springs, glades, mountains, and even a swimming hole to enjoy. According to the Ozark Trail Association, this is the best trail to hike in Missouri if you only have time for one. This trail also features the tallest waterfall in Missouri (132 feet tall), best viewed after a rain.

(Ha Ha Tonka, Island Spring Trail – Alycia Conrad)

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

This incredible park is located at the Lake of the Ozarks and has a great system of trails for every kind of hiker. There is a wide, short trail that is wheelchair accessible to reach the beautiful castle ruins. There are also several trails of varying difficulty that will take you to caves, natural bridges, bluffs, crystal blue streams, and so much more. This is a must-visit when you’re in the heart of Missouri.

Elephant Rocks State Park

Looking for a short trail with a huge payoff? Elephant Rocks State Park is the hike for you! This park is famous in Missouri for it’s massive pink granite boulders that many say look like elephants standing in a line. It’s a fun sight to behold and can be viewed from a really short, one-mile loop called Braille Trail. There’s even an arm off this trail that takes you right up to the boulders so you can explore them up close.

Hiking Across Missouri

These are just a few highlights of the hiking you can enjoy in Missouri. There is a huge system of trails that can be enjoyed all across the state. So much so that there are several trail associations and even Facebook groups specifically dedicated to hiking, backpacking, and camping in Missouri. So, whether you are just getting into hiking and like short trails with big payoffs, or you want to experience hiking for several days at a time, Missouri is the state for you! Check out some great fall hikes recommended by Visit Missouri and the famous Ozark Trail Association system of trails to find the perfect hike for you. And don’t forget to book a stay with a Missouri bed and breakfast to complete your trip with the best service and beautiful comfort you’ll love.


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