Traveling for the holidays is typically a must, but it can be incredibly stressful! We want to make sure that this holiday season is as stress-free and fun as possible, which is why we are making this holiday traveling tip list!

Find out how you can make the most of your travels this holiday season by reading our top tips below!


  1. Have a Plan of Action

Knowing where you are going and when you need to be at your destination is a must when traveling for the holidays, as you are going to find there are plenty of other travelers who are heading on the same routes as you!

This is what you need to establish before you even leave your home:

-What day you plan to travel. (Try and stick with unpopular days to help with traffic and crowds.)

-Where you are traveling from. (Try and travel from less popular destinations, such as alternate airports, or backroads, if possible!)

-Who is traveling when? (It never hurts to ask around! See what days people are traveling, and try to plan around that, the less people traveling on the day you select, the less crowded it will be!)


  1. Pack Light

The holidays can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of people driving or flying, but there’s another massive topic that you shouldn’t overlook, which is packing! When planning your holiday trip, you may think it is best to load everything up with you to keep it safe and sound, but it actually may be in your best interest to ship before your trip!

The less you have to pack along, will mean the less stress of worrying about what you have (or don’t have) on you when you leave!


  1. Always Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, plans just don’t work out. From flight cancellations to car troubles, many instances can occur where your plans are knocked all out of place, but you can be prepared for this by creating a solid backup plan prior to your departure!

This also extends into your luggage, activities, stays, etc.! So just make sure to write some backup plans for each big aspect of your holiday traveling plans!

We want to try and help you plan out all of your traveling details in the most efficient way possible! Booking a stay with BBIM will be the easiest part of your holiday plans! All you have to do is go to our website, select your Missouri B&B, and show up!