Give someone you love this holiday season the gift that keeps on giving- a BBIM gift card!

Who wouldn’t love to take a beautiful and relaxing getaway to some of the most gorgeous cities throughout Missouri? In this week’s blog we are going to go over a few of the many reasons why a BBIM gift card should be your go-to present this holiday season!

Keep reading below to find out our top reasons!


Quickly Order & Receive Your New Cards On-Line!

BBIM gift cards can solve your special gift problem! You don’t have to guess the recipient’s taste since they select the Inn. When you order a card, it is delivered electronically as soon as your debit or credit card is processed! Gift cards can be issued in any amount between $50 and $300.

We send it to you or to the recipient, as you request, and they can use it at any member B&B! Gift cards are transferable and have a five-year expiration date, leaving lots of time to use them!

Plus, 100% of BBIM gift card funds go to the innkeeper!


Visit Any Area of Missouri!

North, South, East, West- make sure your recipient can visit any area of Missouri when you give them a BBIM gift card! You can be sure that they will have tons of options to pick from on our website! Whether they want to experience the hustle and bustle of cities located in the northeastern regions or if they want to relax and unwind in the outdoorsy, tranquil southeastern regions, they will have plenty of choices and then some when they go to use their gift card on our website!


Purchasing a BBIM Gift Card is Simple!

When you go to purchase your BBIM Gift Card, you only need to follow 3 simple steps!

Of course, go to our website,, click the “Gift Card” icon at the top of the page, and begin your order by filling out our gift card form!

Insert the amount, the recipient, and pay and send and you are all set to go!

Finding the perfect gift this holiday season just got so much easier! Give someone you love a BBIM gift card and let them choose for themselves what new and exciting getaway they want to go on! They won’t have to worry about being limited to one area, as we have a plethora of Inns on our website that span all across the beautiful state of Missouri!

If you are ready to order your BBIM gift card, follow our easy steps listed above!