You’re planning out your vacations for 2022 and trying to decide what kind of accommodations to book. Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri is bringing you the incredible reasons why booking an inn for your 2022 vacation in Missouri will make your trip even better! Keep reading to learn about the benefits of booking a B&B instead of a hotel in 2022.

1. The Fresh, Homemade Breakfasts

Breakfast at an inn is leaps and bounds better than what you find at the typical hotel buffet. Hotels have to feed potentially hundreds of people in a morning. That means what they serve for breakfast has to be simple and fast. Usually, it also means that a lot of it is frozen, mass-produced, and cheaply made with subpar ingredients. At a bed & breakfast, you can count on a high-quality, delicious meal made with fresh ingredients just for you. No lukewarm eggs that have been sitting in a chaffing dish for hours collecting condensation… yuck.

2. More Time & Attention for Cleaning

Hotels aren’t as clean as you might think. With so many rooms to clean, it can be difficult for staff at a hotel to truly deep-clean every room every time. At bed & breakfasts, innkeepers take their time to make sure every space is thoroughly clean and ready for you to relax in and enjoy. At BBIM, each inn goes through a rigorous inspection by a trained independent inspector and must receive approval by the association’s board before it is accepted for membership. Quality, guaranteed!

3. You Get a Personal Touch

At most hotels, the customer service can feel impersonal. Only the highest-rated hotels provide personalized touches and engaging customer service. With B&Bs, however, there is a natural and inviting personal touch to everything. You are being welcomed into the innkeepers’ homes, after all!

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4. Make Unique Memories

Bed and breakfasts each have their own individual style with a unique experience for you to enjoy. Hotels on the other hand often look exactly the same, room to room. While you probably won’t remember a stay in a hotel years later, you will still be able to cherish the warm and inviting memories of a B&B, even as time passes. Detailed architecture, beautiful gardens, unique décor, delicious breakfasts… There are a lot of reasons to love staying in a Missouri bed and breakfast!

5. The Relaxing & Cozy Atmosphere

If you are looking for an escape, a B&B is the perfect place to stay. Most hotels are located off of a main highway, surrounded by other concrete buildings and chain restaurants or shopping centers. Bed and breakfasts, however, can often be found in serene landscapes. You can enjoy nature, beautiful views, and relaxing surroundings during your stay. Also, due to the naturally smaller nature of a bed and breakfast compared to a hotel, there will be less hustle and bustle. So, if you are looking to slow down and get away from busyness, a bed and breakfast in Missouri could be the perfect solution.

Book a Missouri B&B!

This year when you vacation in Missouri, stay in a highly-rated bed and breakfast for an experience you’ll cherish for years to come. Check out our website to find the perfect inn near your destination and book direct with an innkeeper. Our members are all licensed and professionally inspected to high standards so you can be sure your trip will be a great one. See you in 2022!

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