Did you know that taking a vacation is actually good for your health? It’s true! If you are looking for an excuse to take a trip this year, then today’s blog is for you. Vacations aren’t just a fun perk, they are important for your overall health, happiness, and productivity. Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri is here to help explain why…



It Makes Your Heart & Mind Happy

Studies have actually shown that going on a vacation can improve your health and wellbeing. Stress causes a lot of health issues, particularly for your heart. When you can step away from work and your daily life, your stress decreases and gives your body an opportunity to relax and recover. Reducing chronic stress can even help lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attacks.

Mental health is health, and taking a vacation can help you improve there too! If you’re constantly under pressure and a lot of stress without taking a break, you’ll be more likely to develop depression and anxiety along with a host of other mental health conditions. Vacations give you a break from the pressures of your job and typical home life so you can experience a “reset” of sorts.

Vacationing allows you to relive stress and experience calm so your mind and body can heal.


Anticipation – Planning is Part of the Fun

Some psychology studies have shown that just planning a trip can give you a boost of happiness and help reduce stress. In fact, you can feel the health benefits of taking a vacation weeks before the trip actually starts! It’s all about the anticipation of going on a great vacation. Whether you’re traveling solo or going with loved ones, imagining the trip and planning your itinerary is like a mini vacation itself. (Start planning your vacation to Missouri with BBIM!)



Creativity & Motivation

When you travel somewhere new, you get to experience cultures, sounds, sights, and flavors you don’t get on a daily basis. That kind of adventure helps open up your mind to new ideas and can give you a boost of creativity – literally! Processing new things forces your brain to open new pathways, which expands your ability to think in new ways.

On vacation, you also get a break from the daily grind and can come back with a fresh outlook on your job and work tasks. Breaking your routine can be a great way to shake up the status quo and approach your projects from a new angle when you get back. Additionally, when you take more regular vacations from work, you’re less likely to feel the effects of burnout.


Book a Vacation with BBIM

At Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri, we have several incredible locations across the state that provide a high-quality, relaxing, welcoming place for you to come home to at the end of the day. All of our inns are professionally inspected and approved before they become members, so they are guaranteed to provide the level of excellence you’d expect from the best bed and breakfasts in Missouri. Get ready to set out on your health-improving adventure with a BBIM inn!


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