Have you ever wanted to stay at a Bed and Breakfast, but were deterred by things you heard? We understand! Sometimes B&Bs can find themselves victims to misconceptions, but we are here to set the record straight and inform you of some of the most common misconceptions about B&Bs and why your next trip to Missouri should stay locally authentic with best means possible- a Missouri Inn!

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  • You Won’t Have Any Privacy

This is far from the truth! Most Inns nowadays have private rooms, meaning you won’t have to worry about lack of privacy! Truth be told, you will actually have a surplus, as these rooms are based upon you and your party, so if you have a partner or children, you can expect to be placed in a room/s to accommodate your situation, without the intrusion of other guests!

In addition to the room situation, you may find that you don’t even see any of the other guests, or if you do, it may be on a seldom basis. However, most Inns will offer a breakfast for you and those rooming at the B&B; however, that does not mean you have to sit and make small talk with everyone, or even sit with them!

Your privacy at a B&B is respected, and all of the Bed and Breakfast’s in Missouri are aware of this and do what they can to ensure that your stay is comfortable and relaxing!

  • Staying at a B&B is Expensive

As with anything, some B&Bs are expensive, but that does not mean that every Inn you look at will be! Most Bed and Breakfast locations actually are cheaper than hotels, plus you get a delicious home-cooked breakfast! (Who doesn’t want that?) Not to mention, when you decide to book a B&B, you are giving yourself the opportunity to view Missouri in a way that is truly authentic to the locals! Most B&Bs are positioned in historical, fun, and convenient areas, that way you can enjoy the relaxing scenery of Missouri, whilst also getting an experience unmatched by any hotel!

  • You’ll Have to Follow Odd Rules and Expectations

This is such a common misconception about B&Bs. Sometimes, as with any type of lodging that you may stay at, there are rules to be followed, or rather expectations to be upheld, such as, “Please do not damage any items or furniture.” But, again, these are reasonable expectations, regardless of where you stay!

And in terms of curfew, you’ll find that most Inns do not have any type of curfew. Granted, breakfast will typically be scheduled out, but nothing that we would consider to be odd in any fashion. However, if you are worried about the rules and expectations of an Inn, you can always view the Inn’s website and dive into what they offer, what the expectations are for your stay, and other important information, such as what there is to do at and around your B&B!

These are some of the more commonly discussed misconceptions, but there are definitely more that we could discuss! We are here to tell you that staying at a Missouri Bed and Breakfast will be one of the most fun and pleasant experiences you will have, and you shouldn’t let these deter you from having the vacation or stay of a lifetime!

Come out and enjoy all that Missouri has to offer and do so in the most authentic way possible- a Missouri B&B!